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PH Food Chamber advocates for a food-secure, healthier future

PCFMI elected its new set of board of directors and officers for 2023 to address food industry challenges and to continue the organization’s advocacies.

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) — A new board of directors for the country’s principal food manufacturing body has been elected to push the nation toward a food-secure and healthier future.

The Philippine Chamber of Food Manufacturers Inc (PCFMI), the principal organization of the manufacturers and distributors of food products in the Philippines, re-elected San Miguel Foods, Inc.’s Rita Imelda Palabyab as Board Chairman and President. However, a new set of members will be serving with her.

PCFMI’s newly elected officers include the following:

– Ajinomoto Philippines’ Ernesto Carlos as First Vice President Internal

– Alaska Milk Corporation’s Atty. Angela Esquivel as Second Vice President External

– Nestle Philippines’ Jose Uy III as Corporate Secretary

– Universal Robina Corporation’s Marites Directo as Treasurer

The PCFMI President’s new appointees are Ma. Cecilia Dela Paz of Promesso as Auditor and Angelina Miles of Coca-Cola Far East as Public Relations Officer.

Alvin Marcelo of Golden Arches Development Corporation, Frances Congreso of Fonterra Brands, Elvira Mensalvas of Monde Nissin, and Ed Sunico of Unilever were retained as members of the PCFMI board.

Atty. Esquivel will also sit as Chairperson of the PCFMI legislative committee.

Other committee chairpersons are Congreso for Plans and Programs Committee with Marcelo as Vice Chair, Uy for Regulatory and Scientific Affairs Committee co-led by Miles as Vice Chair, Mensalvas will chair the Advocacy Committee together with Vice Chairs Dela Paz and Directo.

“The new leaders of the Food Chamber are committed to advocating for the needs and interests of the food industry and its value chain. We will continue to promote sustainable and responsible food production, food safety, as well as the role that food plays in the Filipinos health and wellbeing,” shared Palabyab.

Building bridges towards a food-secure, healthier Philippines

Aside from ensuring the widest representation across the food industry, the chamber also collaborates with Philippine government bodies and international industry organizations, like the ASEAN Food and Beverage Alliance and Food Industry Asia, on upcoming and existing regulations and other important agenda such as marketing and advertising, food production and processing, and labelling.

“Ultimately, it is our mission to help bring us closer to a food-secure and healthier Philippines by upholding the food industry to the highest standards. We commit to work with members of our organization, our partners across the region, food and health experts, and government leaders, to take bold and urgent action to make that happen,“ Palabyab said.

In 2022, the Chamber organized meaningful engagements for its members and stakeholders such as the World Food Safety commemoration which featured experts who shared insights on food safety risks and trends, risk communication strategies, and the value of Halal Certification.

The organization also led member discussions on sustainability, with experts across Southeast Asia sharing perceptions on plastic waste, and waste industry representatives on plastic legislation, including the recently passed Extended Producer Responsibility law.

The Food Chamber also facilitated high-level engagements for its members on the issue of sugar supply and on opportunities for contribution to the country’s nutrition agenda with the National Nutrition Council and the Department of Science and Technology – Food and Nutrition Research Institute.

Through position papers and participation in public consultations, PCFMI also ensured that the industry is represented in key issues on plastic, pricing of basic necessities and prime commodities, and nutritional health policies.

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