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15 April 2024 | Parque España Residence Hotel, Alabang, Muntinlupa City

PCFMI’s Chairman and President, Ms. Marites Directo, along with RSA Committee Member, Ms. Pinky Gonzales, participated in the 1st FDA-CFRR Kapihan and Talakayan session.

2 April 2024 | The Metropolitan Club, Makati City

PCFMI Regulatory and Scientific Affairs (RSA) Committee Expert Working Groups (EWG) Meeting

20 March 2024 | FDA Conference, Alabang |

PCFMI representatives attended the FDA-CFRR Public Consultation on the Guidelines for the Classification of Vitamins and Minerals for Food/Dietary Supplements

1-2 Nov 2023 | Singapore 5th Asia Regulatory Forum hosted by Food Industry Asia (FIA)

The goal of FIA is to harness the expertise of major food and beverage companies, and respond to the region’s complex challenges in food safety, regulatory harmonisation, health and nutrition, as well as sustainability. The forum take place by leveraging on the theme of innovation and reformulation in food, packaging and how policy and regulatory frameworks can support these efforts in Asia.

26-27 Oct 2023 | Food Development Center (FDC), Arca South, Taguig City 60th Anniversary of the Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC)

As Observer Member of the Philippine National Codex Organization (NCO), PCFMI was invited to join this event in celebrating a significant milestone for CAC. The goal of the event is to not only honor the pivotal role of the CAC but also to create awareness about Codex’s mission and garner high-level political support for its ongoing work.

28 Sep 2023 | FDA Conference Room, Alabang, Muntinlupa City FNRI-PCFMI Clarificatory Meeting on PDRI 2015

With the issuance of new FDA Circular No. 2023-009 “Adoption of 2015 Philippine Dietary Reference Intakes (PDRI), PCFMI Expert Working Group (EWG) of the Regulatory and Scientific Affairs (RSA) Committee requested for a meeting to have a discussion and alignment on PDRI 2015.

28 Sep 2023 | FDA Conference Room, Alabang, Muntinlupa City

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Public Consultation on AO 2014-0029

The discussion mostly focuses on the alignment of the AO with RA 10611 and with the current process of online applications for licensing and registrations.

26 Sep 2023 | The Manila Hotel, Manila

The Nutrition Foundation of the Philippines, Inc. (NFP) Stakeholders' and Experts’ Consultation

The main objective of the consultation is to review and generate inputs and suggestions for the finalization of the draft Philippine Nutrient Profile Model (PNPM).

The RSA Committee successfully conducted three (3) sessions of the PCFMI’s Food-Focused Ease of Doing Business (EODB) with the most relevant governing agencies: FDA, BOC, USDA, ARTA, and DTI-BOI.

This is a PCFMI’s initiative of helping the food industry by providing collaborative venues for our members, understanding the mandates of key regulating agencies, and support the government in ensuring regulatory compliance for consumer safety and trade facilitation.

20 July 2023 | The Manila Hotel, Manila Philippine Association of Nutrition (PAN), Inc. 76th Anniversary and 2023 Annual Convention

The theme for this year’s annual convention is, “Healthy diet na abot-kaya: Wastong nutrisyon achieve for all”. PCFMI Director, Ms. Angelina Miles as one the Resource Speakers on the topic “Industry Responding to the Call of Making Healthier Food Products“ shared to convention participants that the food industry is a key stakeholder in helping drive public health through product reformulations and innovations, implementation of nutrition education programs, and compliance to govt regulations and initiatives, and that Food industry is an ally in accelerating public health of Filipinos

19 June 2023 | NNC Board Room, Taguig City Courtesy visit to the National Nutrition Council (NNC)

After visiting FNRI, some of the PCFMI Board members and Expert Working Group leads also visited the NNC to get updates on draft Nutrient Profile Model, FOP formative research, Marketing to Children and industry possible partnership.

29 May 2023 | FNRI Conference Room, Taguig City Courtesy visit to the Food & Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI)

The 2023 PCFMI Board of Directors and its newly formed FNRI Expert Working Group of the RSA Committee visited the agency to get updates on the draft Nutrient Profile Model, FOP formative research and to explore possible partnership.

12 May 2023 | NNC Boardroom, Taguig City NNC Joint Meeting of the Technical Working Group (TWG)

PCFMI representatives on the Mandatory Food Fortification and National Salt Iodization Program updates

11 May 2023 | FNRI Office, Taguig City DOST-FNRI Focus Group Discussion (FGD)

The agency conducted this virtual activity for the development of new Front-of-Pack Nutrition Label (FOPL) for food and beverage products in the Philippines.


Regulatory and Scientific Affairs (RSA)

Chairman: Jose T. Uy III (Nestle Phils. Inc.) Vice-Chairman: Angelina D. Miles (Coca-Cola Far East Ltd.)

17 April 2023 | FDA Office of the Director-General, Alabang, Muntinlupa City

Courtesy visit of PCFMI Board members and FDA EWG lead to FDA Director General Dr. Samuel A. Zacate. As an outcome of this meeting, Dr Zacate led the oath taking of the Food Chamber Board of Directors, and the FDA-Food Chamber dialogue the following month.